The World's Easiest Office Chat Room.

Batch Chat is a simple single file that packs a powerful and easy to use office chat room. Simply drop the file into a shared folder and you are ready to go.

Batch Chat has the following features:

  • Easy! Everything needed is in one file, and there is no need to configure anything.

  • The chat program can support an unlimited number of participates, but it is best suited to small groups.

  • Chat room members are alerted each time a new member joins the chat.

  • The chat program maintains a historical log of past chats.

  • Users can join multiple chat rooms simultaneously. Just copy the file to another folder.

  • Portable. The chat program can run from a pen drive.


Just copy the file to a shared folder and ensure that everyone has a drive mapped to it. For directions on mapping a drive, go here. However, most offices already have a drive mapped on each computer for file sharing. Just use that. Everyone needs to be accessing the same file.

Have each computer user who wants to join the chat room click the BatchChat.exe. file. A white window will appear prompting them for their name. They can enter whatever they like, but it is easier if each user picks a different name.

A message will inform all chat room users that the new user has joined the chat room. The new user will then see all the messages up to this point since the last clearing. The new user can then begin to post messages by entering them at the say: prompt.


A few commands should now be covered. Commands should alwayas be entered in all CAPS:

The command CLS entered at the say: prompt will clear the historical log. This should be done every now and then to increase the speed of the program.

The command EXIT entered at the say: prompt will cause a user to exit the chat room. This is preferable to just closing the window because this will post a message similar to the following: "Matt has left the chat room." If the window is just closed, the other participants may believe the user is still there.

The program does not display messages in real time. To receive an updated screen of the messages without posting anything, just press enter with no message at the say: prompt. This will cause the program to update without posting anything new.

Note: The program will not enter the same message twice. This is to prevent spamming.